How To Get More Done In Less Time

You can use batching so for example I talked about community management and you can do that as a business owner if you have social media accounts which I suppose you all have that rather than sitting down every day and starting to think of the content that you can post on YouTube Instagram and so on you would pick a day of the week or maybe the month and reduce the content for the entire period of time and then you can schedule.

It on apps like plan only or later Graham so you can do that.

And it’s already being taken care of it’s less stress on a daily basis the most obvious example that I will give you is that whenever you want to make a meal you need ingredients right do you always have to go to the shop to get those ingredients I don’t think so so you go like at least once a week and do the grocery.
Shoppings that you need for that entire week so that’s what we.

Call batching so rather than go into the supermarket every day to get every single ingredient that you need for that specific day you get all the ingredients that you need for the entire week and your site try to apply.

The same thing on to other things so think of the activities that are time consuming that we can actually batch them and do them either once a week or once a month another way of achieving more in less time is outsourcing outsourcing or delegating as an entrepreneur as a career person or as just a human being it’s okay to get some.

Help we tend to want to control everything when in fact it’s a very counter effective so pain others to do.

Some part of your work will actually free you up to think of the most strategic things in your business and life my fifth tip is focusing I know it’s kind of weird as a strategy but I feel like it does make a huge huge change so focusing comes with.

Having a clear mind when you have planned systemize and batch you have less clutter less physical and mental clutter and you’re most likely to focus and do the work the.
Action we talked about earlier.

Are actually going to help you have a more focused and clear mind so your mind won’t be wandering around thinking about the laundry or thinking about the supermarket grocery shopping.

Your minds gonna be fine because you already have a plan you already sister mine and you’re in control of things the next tip.

Is single task I consider myself to be the queen of multitasking and it took me a while to understand that multitasking is actually killing me multitasking is an invitation for mistakes reduced and more wasted time when you focus on a single task not only you do it and complete it and you actually do it well so remember to always do one thing at a time and give it.

All your attention and my last tip is to work on your mindset if you don’t have the luxury to work on your business or side hustle full-time important.

To know that you can achieve a lot in a short period of time it’s all about the steps that you’re taking and as we say one step at a time until you get there so have the mindset to be able to work through three hours.

On your business or your side hustle and help yourself mentally how your business grow give it the potential give it the energy give it the.

Attention and the love it needs in those two three hours a day all right guys that’s it for me today I hope these tips were helpful let me know which one of these tips are you gonna start with and I to.

Be honest I urge you to do all of them.

Just sit down and start writing and planning your weeks and your money thank you for watching this video this far I hope you enjoyed it please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so already like the video if you liked it and share it with your friends and let’s stay in touch on social media and I’ll see you.