Google Calendar Overview 2018

With so many seemingly good calendar options out there can I honestly say Google Calendar is the best choice yes I think I can stick around and I’ll show you why Steve dotto here on dottotech we make tech easy so you can do more more what those windows aren’t gonna clean themselves now are they oh yeah please subscribe to.
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Hit the notification bell so that you hear about all of our upcoming videos which we produce about three a week now today’s topic is Google Calendar and there as I mentioned there are a lot of good choices out there for calendars but I prefer Google Calendar for a variety of reasons not the least of which is how ubiquitous the Google calendar.

Is the fact that lives in the cloud and we can access from any of our devices all the time makes it a terrific choice now other calendars will also allow you to do that but there’s just a certain Judah sequel to Google Calendar that makes it work for me now if you haven’t spent any time with Google Calendar let me just.

Give you a quick overview of the tool itself I’ve got my Google Calendar up in front of us here and you can see my month at a glance here looking at the entire month of course Google Calendar on the desktop we’re looking at it in the browser now is broken it breaks the screen down into a couple of simple areas in the centre it’s dominated by the calendar itself and just as you would expect.

Calendar as a month at a glance we can do a quick switch here to week at a glance you go today you’ve got lots of different options as far as viewing the Google Calendar now you might see that my calendar is an explosion of color that’s because I have multiple calendars loaded with Google Calendar then with most online calendars you don’t need to have just a single calendar for everything you can have multiple calendars and you.

Can actually turn on and off the view to those multiple calendars so that you can see the information that’s relevant for you at a time if you look over here on the left hand side of my screen you can see that list of my calendars and I don’t have to turned on right now I’ve got my main.

Calendar which I use for all of my appointments and then I’ve got my webinar schedule which is where we keep all of our upcoming webinars but then I’m also.

Have to turned on several other calendars now those are other people who are important.

To me in my life’s calendar such as my wife or or my business colleagues also calendars that are generated by different apps and different tools we.

Use so we’ve got a variety of different calendars coming up but.

The bottom line is the calendars goal is to keep me organized it allow me to quickly see what my obligations and responsibilities are and intend to be able to address them as they come up.

So that’s you know the nature of the calendar now humor me for a moment because you if you want to just get into the demo where I go over all of how Google Calendar works you can jump ahead we’ll put a link in so you can jump ahead in the demo but I want to talk to you.

Briefly about one of what I think the biggest challenge is with calendars is and that’s the fact that we have too many calendars I’m not talking about too many calendars for different tasks but I’m talking about two different to many different calendar technologies that we use.
Because here’s here’s what typically happens is you might have Outlook or.

Google Calendar running for work or for your personal life so you’ve got a calendar that’s running and that’s not based on either Microsoft or Google service or somebody else but then you buy a smart.

Phone maybe buy an iPhone maybe buy an Android phone as Samsung let’s say and built into that phone is a calendar app and you start.

And you can sync that calendar app to your existing calendar we do that often but now what happens is you’ve got your Samsung or your iCal calendar running on your smart phone and all of your information is being entered there and you have to trust that the integration between that calendar and your other calendar your.

Main calendar that you say use on your desktop computer stay seamless works and doesn’t break through upgrades of operating systems and revisions of the software and that never happens there’s always hiccups along the way which.

Drive you crazy because you’ve forgotten at some point which calendar you’re using you just use the calendar and you don’t actually think about the technology that’s driving the calendar so then you have to sleuth your way back to figure.

Out why your calendar why some appointments are missing from your calendar and it can cause a fair bit of disruption in your life all of that goes away if you commit to a single calendar format if you commit to Outlook.

Or Google Calendar or Yahoo calendar or some calendar format and then you make sure you use the native apps for that on all of your devices so I use the Google Calendar app on my iphone on my ipad ie I use it on the browser on my desktop computer so I use that calendar I don’t allow the phone or my iPad to default to the iCal or to Apple’s calendar I say no no no we are not doing that we are using Google Calendar in this.

Particular instance and then I make sure that I enter my information into Google Calendar and that to me is the biggest step forward all of the other integration how well it integrates with all of the other Google tools that’s icing on the cake the bottom line is that I have a single place that I go to that all of my calendar information is and that’s not gonna break through upgrades or changing gear.
It’s a subtle difference but it’s a big deal and it will at.

Some point make a difference for you I’m getting it off my soapbox now let’s talk about the technology itself and the Google Calendar itself because it’s they’ve done a lot of work in updating it and one of.

The real nice aspects is how nicely it integrates with the rest of the Google tools if you use Gmail if you use Google Maps Google.

Assistant especially have a Google home it starts to integrate with all of those really nicely giving you an ecosystem that you can work within that you can take advantage of now let me I think the best way to show you is to show you how you actually go about adding appointments and seeing the different features that are built in.