Google Calendar Overview 2018

So with Google Calendar they’ve really updated it to look a lot more.

Like the mobile app and down to the point of this little plus sign down here which we click on will launch a new appointment for us or create an event so let’s create an event for ourselves and go through and see exactly what happens so this is me setting an appointment up of some sort so you can set up the appointment whatever it is and we’re gonna say it’s gonna be lunch with Dan.

Because I’m gonna have lunch with my buddy now we can of course at the time set the day whether it’s an all-day or not event now one nice thing is you can set repeating event so if you want to put into your calendar the certain day that you pay a bill or the certain day that you always go to do XYZ that you meet with your buddies every second Wednesday morning you can set all of those sorts of criteria in.

The repeat column here within there or the repeat option within Google Calendar so that gives you some nice functionality as you move ahead here’s where we start.

To see the integration with other Google tools so let’s say that we are going to meet for a lunch everyday at Trevor neck or I’m going to be meeting Dan for lunch at a local restaurant for Verna if I can spell it right her gonna there it is so that’s where I’m gonna meet him for lunch now this is cool the integration here with the map means that.

When I go to look at the appointment on my phone it’ll automatically tell me how far I am away from the appointment it’ll tell me how long it’s.

Gonna take me to get there if I need driving directions it will incorporate all of the driving directions it basically uses the integration in the Google ecosystem between the calendar app now and the mapping app to help facilitate and to make my life a little bit better and a little bit easier this sort.

Of thing is I think pretty profound when you choose a tool like Google Calendar at kind of at the heart of your organizational system because as it evolves it can then pull other information from the Google ecosystem so imagine that you’ve got an appointment at a doctor that’s 20 minutes away from your home Google knows you’re at home he knows the appointments at 2:20 but it also recognizes because Google Maps.

Is constantly now monitoring what traffic situations are that there’s a lot of congestion on the road so it’s gonna probably take you 30 minutes to get there when you would normally think it would take 20 minutes now what can happen is Google will actually let you know you should be leaving a few minutes early because of the congestion it’s this.

Kind of benefit that you’re going to get by going with a single eco system and using a tool like Google Calendar now there is a I will admit a slight creep factor to that entire scenario but you.

See the over all benefit to your productivity and to the efficiency when which you lead your life by tying all of these different tools together this way going through the rest of the organization we can see we can add conferencing now in the Google.

Paid apps I think you can add more conferencing options right now it just adds Hangouts be nice to be at add conferencing tools like Skype or zoom but right now.

It just adds it just adds the the hangouts for quickly creating a conference but if you look down here in the very bottom you can now add a full HTML field so.

You can put in links to conferencing software you can add instructions you can add links to websites and stuff that people should be reading before they are meeting with you you can keep beading notes in it.

So you’ve got a whole bunch of additional functionality built in now because we have this.

Text field this full actually fully editable.

You can highlight creating ordered lists all of that stuff right here before that we also see that we can change which calendar it is being applied to because we can assign it to multiple calendars all of the calendars that we own we can apply this to you can ask for notification that you know to give me ten minutes before all of.

My appointments to give me a warning on that you can have it turned on or off on your calendar as far as visibility and this is kind of a subtle thing but imagine that you just wanted to know that your maybe maybe you just wanted kind of a you didn’t want your calendar to say that you were busy but you wanted to know that this was the time that your daughter.

Was taking her piano test and so that you wanted to be able to text her immediately afterwards to ask her how it went but you don’t want it blocked off on your calendar but you want to know when she.

Was there this allows you to say whether you’re busy or not with different appointments that you put in your calendar as I say subtle but pretty profound as far as not blocking off your time and still helping you be more aware of what’s happening in your world let’s see the next level of integrations we go over into the guests typically speaking with our calendar we’re often making appointments with others and we’ve all received meeting invitations or appointment invitations via email that will automatically populate into our calendars this.

Is where that happens over here in the add guest area and there’s some really extra really neat extra benefits that can be incorporated here now if I wanted to book a meeting just with April I click on that and.

I can say I want to set the time I want this to happen and it’ll send an.

Invite it’ll send an email invite for her to accept or to reject but take a look at what happens if I do the same with somebody who have a shared calendar with I’m sharing my.

Wife’s calendar knowing I’m sharing her main work calendar so it knows what her appointments are and if I add an important with Shannon saying Shannon we got to go do something and I put her here it will allow suggested times where it looks at my calendar and her calendar looks for the busy times blocks those off on both of our calendars and then gives us gives me a list.

Of times that work as far as google can tell on both of our calendars so.

This streamlines the way to efficiency if you have multiple people that you’re trying to book an appointment with this is a real benefit because it.

Will slowly start to winnow down the available slots to ones that are that you have a chance of actually booking the meeting it’s no guarantee that they don’t have something else booked for that time.

But it gives you the best chance of actually booking the meeting without going back and forth too often so we see a lot of benefits to again using the entire Google ecosystem in the guests area so really it’s Google Calendar the best choice for your calendar well obviously I don’t know but it is a good choice for your calendar.

And I think regardless of which calendar you.

Ultimately choose if you follow the premise that I was talking about earlier where you look for a single calendar that you can run in native app form on both your smartphone and your desktop computer so you’re.

For all or at least a single calendar technology for all of your appointment and calendaring options I.

Think you’re way ahead of the game I think people run into a lot of trouble when they use Outlook calendar at work and.

Google Calendar at home and then they start putting appointments and then.

Get a little bit mixed up and they’ve got too many different places that their obligations live.

Simplify your life pick one calendar master it and make it work that is the best advice that I can give you from would love to hear.

Your thoughts comments and suggestions here on dottotech are always welcome till next time I’m Steve dotto have fun storming the castle.