Success Morning Routine For Daily Productivity, Focus, And Happiness

Good morning my brothers my sisters let’s talk about the best morning routine that you can involve yourself in so that you can get your day started almost as a replacement from coffee right if you have a good morning ritual if you have something that will kick-start you and put you in the right state of mind then you will.
Have a great day right you’ll.

Have a productive day you’ll have an energetic day so my favorite things to do in the morning that I must do no matter.

I’m traveling if I’m going anywhere if I have limited amounts of time I tried my best to get these rituals done number one I woke up right away from my bed and I do 25 jumping jacks so as soon as I get up I get up I said today’s a beautiful day.

And like with my hands up I say today’s a beautiful day I’m.

Grateful for being alive and then I just do 25 jumping jacks and then that gets my heart rate up I’m moving around and it makes me feel good right when I’m alive then I go right into the bathroom and I.

Start to take a cold shower and when I say I start to take a cold shower before I even start I’m inside the cold shower if you know what I mean right as soon as I go in I don’t even let my mind think about it I.

Just turned the faucet all the way to cold and I just jump in there and by the time I’m in there I’m at first it’s a bit of a shock to the body and.

Then I’m just in there enjoying my time for like.

A good two minutes just having a cold shower letting get changed my physiology let it get build my immune system letting it bring the energy within me letting me bring me to that moment of the cold water falling all over my body and.

Being alive right and being energetic and being focused so what it does is it clears my mind it clears it aligns my thoughts.

And I get up and I get out of the cold shower and after two minutes at least so stuff number one is.

Say today’s a beautiful day grateful day do 25 jumping jacks number two jump in the cold shower cold the shower none of this from a warm to cold just straight to cold shower and take a cold shower number three you come out and.

Of course you know if you can put some oil on your body or whatever and I make my bed that’s my number three thing no matter where I am no matter if I’m in anybody else’s house is somebody someone else’s bed and making that bed it’s just a mental trigger mental habit that I have once you make your bed it’s like one.

Accomplishment right it’s like an accomplish that meant that you you start off the day with an accomplishment you start off a day the day getting something done which is you made your bed and so when you come back again like everyone says you come back to a.

Made bed right so I make my bed and that that just post me in the right state.

Of mind you know and mind you at this moment I’m not touching my phone I’m not even thinking about my fault even if the thought comes to like grab my phone to see what’s up that’s even a better day to follow this morning ritual so I do all of these things I you know fold my blanket up I make my bed and then I go and drink two glasses of water right so.

This is two glasses of water it depends on the moment sometimes I may just get up and do some jumping jacks and then drink the two glasses of water sometimes after the cold shower I drink the two glasses of water or whatever however my body feels but we might drink the two glasses of water within 15 minutes of waking up right and then I prefer to do.

What I call my actual morning ritual or I do some affirmations right so I’m priming my brain and I’m reminding myself of the type of person that I am the type of person that I want to be that type of person the the type of characteristics that I want to exude throughout the day and I am trying to be right and so I just remind myself I doing affirmations and I just asked some questions that allow me to.

Be in the state of mind and that allow me to be focused productive that allow me to be in in the state of receiving and giving right so that I can get more done I can give more to people and I can receive more rights we all want to make more money we all want to have better health we all want to have more happiness we walk we will.

All want to have more joy right so if we feel right if we feel a certain way then even if we do get some let’s say even if we do get more.

Money it’s not going to do much for us because we really don’t feel it’s not we are it’s all about feeling how we feel throughout the day right a poor.

Person can be happy way happier than a rich person and a rich person can be.

Miserable and you know vice versa also a rich person can be the happiest person in.

The world as well so it’s it’s separate it’s not you know it’s not like all of you’re rich then you’re happy and it’s not like if you’re poor then you’re not happy right it can be the case at many.

Times but a lot of times it’s.

Not the case because they’re just grateful right and whoever is grateful you’ll find happiness right so I go through these affirmations and I go through these questions that I ask myself and then I just meditate I sit down I meditate.

For 20 minutes and if it’s from if I’m running out of time if I don’t have much time then even five minutes which I don’t like to do just five minutes I look like 20 minutes so meditation and then I prefer to get a smoothie right now this I know no habit that.

I’m building yet again and that is to start drinking a smoothie so when you.

Drink of smoothie again I love having lots of energy and I love having I love feeling good right so we have a smoothie in the morning this allows us to get a lot of nutrients a lot of a lot of foods that normally we wouldn’t think about throughout the day at least for myself that I wouldn’t think throughout the day because I’m just busy right.

So I just in my smoothie I just put a bunch of things in there and just grind it up and just drink the smoothy and then I feel energetic I feel I feel good after that right and I get my daily nutrition as well so those are just some of the things that I do my morning ritual varies right sometimes I do different things but this is just a rough.

Rough idea of how I do my morning ritual the cold shower is definitely important of course the glasses of water of course cleaning the bed of course today’s a beautiful day I’m grateful today.