Success Morning Routine For Daily Productivity, Focus, And Happiness

Of course the questions and of course the jumping jacks these are all that I do things that I do and smoothie is of course if the time comes if the time is available then I do.

It and this is just a very short this would take me about 30 minutes 30 minutes to do the meditation is the extra part if I have the time then I’ll do it during my morning ritual or if I do it.

More meditation it takes an hour right of course I want to do a meditation as well so about.

An hour write a short ritual about an hour but I also.

Have a longer morning ritual that takes about two hours that includes the breakfast because in the breakfast I like having certain things like eggs and then I like having my green tea.

With ginger so I’m really focused on my health now so I take the morning as as an opportunity to build my habits because that’s the best time to build a habit so that’s why morning rituals is very important I’m very fond of morning rituals I believe the morning with the morning has the.

Biggest impact on our lives right so if you.

Guys want to learn more about my morning ritual and how the longer version right and exactly.

The details of the questions the affirmations things like that just leave comments below and I’ll probably make a longer video going much more in detail and more aligned right and just I’ll just put it in steps so that you guys have a better idea of.

Energy more focus and get so much done you know I run three businesses of.

Course I hang out with my friends I play ball I go to the gym I guess so much done and it’s because I am able to keep my focus I’m able to keep my relaxed demeanor I’m able to be within myself and and I’m very energetic all the time and very it is because of what I do in the morning so if you.

Guys want to learn more just leave a comment below and I’ll probably make another video good morning.