Telepresence Training

Telepresence Training

Hi I’m Steven Shea Fowler with a branch group IT Help Desk today you’re going to learn about the Cisco TelePresence equipment that you may have seen in many of the conference rooms will cover configuring your WebEx settings scheduling a telepresence room adding WebEx to your meeting how to add a telepresence room to a meeting after it has begun.
Sharing your screen during a meeting and how to.

Place a conference call from.

A telepresence room without having an already scheduled.

Telepresence meeting this material covers the use of the cisco telepresence MX.

700 which is dual screens vm x 800 which is a single screen and the sx 20 nsx 10 which are each a single camera that plugs into a big-screen TV if you have any questions after reviewing this presentation.

Please contact the IT Help Desk if you’ve never set up a telepresence meeting before you’ll need to configure your WebEx productivity tools without look closed click the start button go to all programs scroll down to WebEx and then open WebEx settings you should see branch group WebEx comm listed here if you.

Don’t simply type in HTTP colon forward slash forward slash branch group dot WebEx comm your username should also auto populate here as your email address if you don’t see that either click refresh WebEx productivity tools will communicate with a WebEx server and then your username will be displayed once you have the URL and.

Your username listed click OK once your WebEx settings have been updated open outlook and verify that you have the Cisco buttons.

To schedule a telepresence meeting click schedule meeting invite your.

Attendees enter your subject do not fill out the location and do not click the rooms button set your time and date and enter the body of your message to add the rooms click Add telepresence rooms search for the rooms to include and then click.

OK once you’ve got your invitees your subject your location and your time and dates click send when the.

Meeting starts all of the invited rooms will automatically join the call we’ve got our telepresence configured here we’ve got the rooms invited we’ve got our subject we’ve got our time and date set but we want to add people to WebEx that can’t make it to the telepresence.

Room so what we’re going to do is add them to the invitees list and then we’re going to check the box for allow people to join using.

WebEx now in order to enable WebEx we have to set a meeting password this can be anything you want could be a number could be a word could be training it’s important to note not to change the number of video callin participants if we’re adding a hundred people.

For WebEx we don’t want to change that number to be a hundred what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna use up a license for each number we add the enterprise has a maximum number of 10 concurrent licenses so we can have up to 10 boardrooms and WebEx invites going.

On at any one time we’ve added gjh from conference room and the tbg boardroom so that’s two licenses there then we’ve added WebEx which is going to use a third license if we add video call and participants that’s going to use an additional license for each number that we add which could negatively affect other board rooms trying to schedule meetings at the same day or time once you have your rooms.

Your invitees and WebEx enabled click send the recipients will get an email containing all of the information for the.

WebEx invite including the link to click on the meeting password in the meeting number so let’s say we want to add another conference room to.

An existing call and we’ve already booked.

A meeting through Outlook we are currently engaged in the telepresence conference call we are.

Right now connected to the gjh front conference room and the tbg boardroom but let’s say we wanted to add the BAA p. conference room in the middle of the call once it’s already started so we can go to video branch group comm it’ll.

Show us our currently scheduled meetings the meeting is ongoing at the moment right now so what we can do is.

Then do a search for BA a p. conference room and then we will save our settings the calls are automatically reconnected and that’s all there.

Is to it it is important to note that while you can add additional participants once a meeting has started you could not however add WebEx once.

The meeting has already been started so you’re in a telepresence conference and you’ve got a presentation that you want to share you can either login to the desktop that is located in most if.

Not all of the conference rooms and plug in your presentation via USB or you can plug in your laptop and all the rooms there should be a cable this one’s VGA some of the rooms might have an HDMI cable simply plug it into your.

Laptop if your presentation has audio make sure that you.

Include the audio plug once your laptop is connected the presentation should pop up on the big screens automatically if it doesn’t press the share button.

On the tablet and then choose the source if you find that the connector on the table does not match your laptop there are additional cables located behind each telepresence unit find the one that best suits your laptop when you’re done with the cable please return it to the bag for the next person to use okay so let’s say we are in.

Room and we want to do a three-way call let’s go ahead and dial our first number for 2003 hey Adam its Stephen so with the first call connected now we’re going to press the Add button to dial our second participant it places the first call on hold hey Zach i doing now that we’ve got Zach on the line we’re going to merge the calls and now both parties should be able to hear us I could hear okay that’s great.

And that’s how you do 3-way calling from a conference room.