Statistics Tutorial #8: How To Find Median Of A Continuous Series In 6 Easy Steps!

Hello my dear friends I am sue joy and today I will tell you how to find out median of a continuous period in your six easy steps so let’s start here marks of some students are given denoted by X and number of students has got the same mark a given you noted by if that means two numbers of.

Students has got marks in between 32:39 three numbers of students have got marks.

In between 40 to 49 and so on it’s called a continuous series because the first number of series is ending in 39 and second number starting from.

40 and second number is ending in 49 so third number is starting from 50 the next value and so on so let’s proceed to our solution step 1 arrange the X values in increasing order and write the corresponding f or frequency values.

Next to it if 10 for frequency so X values are written in increasing order and corresponding F values are written next to it step 2 find the cumulative frequency by cumulatively adding all.

F values but that means that means write the first FL you in cumulative frequency column and then 2 +.

3 5 5 + 11 16 16 + 20 36 36 + 32 68 68 + 25 93 93 plus 7 is 100 so that the cumulative frequency column step.

3 some all F values and call it in so n is summation appear if so any summation of F is a summation symbol also find n by 2 so n by 2 is 15 step 4 find the exact or nearest value of n by 2 incriminated frequency.

Column the x value pair corresponding to that is our median class take the largest values median + it means our.

And 50 lies between 36 and 68 in cumulative frequency column so largest value is 68 and 68 corresponding x value pair is 279 this is our median class tip 5 find out the following values L equals to the or value of the median class which is 70.

In his sum of all M values is 100 and n by 2 is 50 a.

Capital F is cumulative frequency of the class preceding our median classic this and cumulative frequency of the preceding class is 36.

Small depth simple frequency of median class is 32 so our median class is 7 to 279 and it’s simple frequency is 32 and small I equals 2 median classes width our median class is similar to 79 so it with this 79 minus 79 step 6 find out median by this formula median equals 2l plus n by 2 minus capital F divided by small F into I which is equals to 70 plus 50 minus 36.
By 32 into 9 which is equals to 7 3.

93 so this is our answer so friends this was my tutorial on.

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