Top Ten Programming Languages In 2018

Hey guys what’s up it’s the start of 2018 so I want to talk about the most popular languages and I’ve been doing these videos for quite some time I’ve gotten millions of views on them actually and what I’ve done in this list is I’ve actually taken the last few videos that I’ve done on this so for the last.
Two years and I looked at all the.

Comments and we’re talking literally a million 1/2 views or so and well over.

Like 2,000 comments or so so I’ve been babe I went through that I basically comprised a list of what the most popular languages are based on that trial sample so I.

Feel like it’s a you know it’s a much better list but there’s definitely some no there’s nothing some hype and hip sternness to it so let’s just go ahead and jump into this list you guys can see what I’m talking about and once again this is based on.

That the the feedback that I got from all those views and comments so you don’t once again a lot of a lot of views there all right number 10 is Elm this new purely functional language created by Harvard PhD student and.

Hipsters love Elms so it’s still in its infancy and everything but it’s gonna get more and more pop alright number nine is a lick.

Is built off of Erlang’s virtual machine this is also getting a lot of traction there’s the Phoenix framework.

That is using a lick sir so a lot of people are talking about this definitely a hipster language in 2018 number eight is go now this was in my list that I did last this I had number one definitely not a number one language probably not I feel like it’s one of the best months to learn in 2018 because it is growing but there’s still.

Of jobs and everything available this is mostly used by Google and a lot of system admins and things like that but it is gaining a lot of traction and still makes the list at number eight number seven is Java this is probably the more Boehringer language on the list but it’s still the most widely used in the corporate world and definitely deserves to be mentioned in top 10s and number seven is Java number.

Six is Swift so if you’re gonna get into Apple development which obviously a lot of people are and they’re interested in and the Swift is gonna be your go-to it’s a lot easier than objective-c and it’s continuing to gain traction in twenty eight.

Number five is rust this is a systems level languages.

Mozilla it’s built with concurrency in mind it’s.

A great programming language a lot of hype behind rust and a very strong community still relatively I would say smaller community than something like go but it is definitely grown quite a bit and it’s certainly hyped up in 2018 number four is c-sharp so.

With a c-sharp is still on this list there’s a lot of passionate Microsoft c-sharp developers out there that are still promoting their at their favorite language and with c-sharp it’s obvious that you can we can do a lot with it from.

Mobile development games whatever but it’s definitely it’s got a big following just.

Because of the amount of the Microsoft backing behind it number three is JavaScript so obviously we know a lot of hipsters love JavaScript everything is seems like is JavaScript these days like there’s always some new framework replacement and the last one with like one new feature and everything we have to kind of relearn everything just because that’s what we like to do but javascript is certainly popular and a.

Lot of hipsters love it number two is Python this is still a hugely popular language it’s been around for a long time since 1990 and definitely got made popular or really popular by Google and Google is now promoting go some curious work.

10 years from now but for right now that Python is still a very very popular language and its user base like promotes Python like I’ve never seen before except for number one on this list which makes the list at number one and it’s just simply because of the overwhelming amount of comments and things like that that people were like why not this one yeah people are freaking out over this number one language and.

That is Colin so Colin is a statically typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine and it’s used for Android development Android still the number one mobile operating system and if you’re going.

To write Android applications it’s just so much more pleasant to do it in.

Kotlin versus standard Java using the Android okay so anyway guys that’s my top ten list once again it’s a little bit more I think scientific just based on the feedback it’s definitely like hipster focused like is not everybody and you’re not going to have a bunch of.

Old programmers who’ve been doing this for 15 years that are gonna be bothering to comment on top 10 videos and trying to promote their languages they just don’t give a anymore.

But the people that do the young people that are just getting in like this is a pretty good representation of what the.

Young people think the top 10 languages should be in 2018 so let me know what you guys think if you guys disagree make sure you guys are putting your suggestions in the comments below because I start I want to start comprising those or compiling those and.

And then trying to you can present that data back to you guys so I would appreciate if you do that alright guys thanks for watching have a good day bye so this video was brought to you by a dead mountain coding boot camp they’re a boot camp that.

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