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Hey guys welcome back to my channel about three months ago I shared with you a video where I talked about online jobs that you can do anywhere around the world as long as you have your laptop and Wi-Fi one of the jobs I mentioned was teaching English as a second language well today’s video is going to be part.

One of a three part series where I talk everything ESL teaching today’s video will cover their requirements and how to find these jobs part 2 will cover nailing that interview process and.

Part three will cover how to become an effective ESL teacher so grab your passport your laptop and let’s get to work the number one requirement obviously you need to speak.
English so if you are a resident national a citizen of any.

Of the major english-speaking countries defense that are applying for these jobs the number two requirement is you need to.

Have a bachelor’s degree I have yet to come across a company that did not require this so it is very very very important that you have a bachelor’s degree now the other two requirements that.

Preferred but not really required and the number three requirement is at least one year of experience now I do have to say when.

I applied for my very first ESL teaching job last year I had zero experience and they took a chance on me and offered me the job anyway.

So if you did not have the one year experience I say go ahead and apply as long as you speak English and have a.

Bachelor’s degree even now the number four requirement for some of these companies is ESL certification but again this is more so preferred and not really required and the number five requirement is you need to be flexible and willing to work some really really odd hours.

Especially if you’re in the States because you’re going to be teaching students mostly in China and the time difference is going to be at least 12 hours if not.

More and so you will have to get up really really early in the wee hours of the morning that has to be something you’re willing to do and the other thing you obviously have to love teaching kids or.

Working with kids so you have to be someone who’s very enthusiastic now how do you find.

These jobs you can find these jobs online one who have said that I recommend is indeed calm under what kind of job just type in some variation of ESL teaching English teaching English tutor and then.

Under location type in remote and all these jobs will pull up and I don’t necessarily recommend one company over the other because there are so.

Many of them out there so it’s up to you to do your own research and find out which company you’re willing to work with and the other thing in terms of pay it really ranges I think most of them will pay anywhere from fifteen I’ve seen all the way to twenty-five dollars an hour so do your own research and I’m pretty sure you will be able to find the job that best fits.

Your personality and your lifestyle and those are the requirements and how to find online ESL teaching jobs if you have any questions or comments be sure to leave that down below like this.

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