The days when working with digital cameras and other common consumer hardware on Linux was a chore that involved fiddling with terminal commands are over. Using a digital camera with modern Linux distributions like Ubuntu is an extremely simple process. In fact, the built-in software on Ubuntu and other Linux distributionsRead More →

Linux operating systems (known as “distributions” or “distros”) have constant releases and updates, with some more substantial than others. Updates usually bring minor fixes and tweaks, but occasionally new distro releases or iterations can yield major changes. Picking the right distro depends on several factors. Whether it’s a fresh releaseRead More →

Aggrieved that your favorite operating system doesn’t feature the options you love? Reckon that your ideas for an improved desktop experience should be listened to? Well, so does Canonical. The developers of the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system have opened up two avenues for user feedback during 2017, and given theRead More →

Copy the entirety of one hard drive to another. It’s called cloning, and it’s an important process if you want to replace or upgrade the primary hard drive in your computer. Cloning isn’t the same as backing up. When a drive is cloned you have a perfect copy of everything thatRead More →

Whether you need to reinstall your Linux operating system, or simply want to ensure your game progress is safe from data loss, backing up save game data is the answer. You could make a complete disk image… or you could employ a dedicated tool. Whatever your reason for making backupsRead More →